HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards - Interoperability in the NHS England Technology Fund


The NHS England Technology Fund is offering £260 million to facilitate the widespread adoption of modern, safe standards of electronic record-keeping in trusts. This will involve deploying standards-based interoperability, in line with the ‘connect all’ information strategy. HL7 standards have a key role to play in this deployment.  "The capital fund is a catalyst to assist NHS organisations to move from paper-based to paper-light and effectively paperless, integrated digital care records."  The fund is promoting the value and importance of investing in digital technology to improve the quality of care, facilitate information sharing between health professionals and patients, and increase service efeciency and patient safety.

NHS Whitepaper for Safer Hospitals - Safer Wards

Applications will be reviewed in August and September 2013 and awarded in October 2013.

HL7 UK wishes to ensure that all trusts wanting to know how standards can be built into their plans and proposals, will know where to find the best and most experienced advice.

HL7 Technical Fund Advisors


HL7 UK Whitepaper on the NHS England Technology Fund

Expressions of interest for the "Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards" Technology Fund had to be in by 31st July, but Trusts may still be wondering how best to use the standards mentioned in the NHS document - and perhaps in those bids. This new whitepaper from HL7 UK sets out a recommended strategy for making use of the technologies that NHS England recommends. 

HL7 UK Whitepaper for NHS Technology Fund


Standards for the delivery of patient-centered care in the "Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards" initiative

Slides are now available for the HL7 UK webinar of 16th of July, where speakers from HL7, IHE, BCS and NHS briefed us on standards relating to the new Technology Fund initiative.

Webinar held on Standards for delivery in Safer Hospital - Safer Wards

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