HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Meeting

HL7 UK Technical Committee Working Meeting

Date & Time:

Wednesday 28th September 2016


 BCS, London



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FHIR® is now well established as an implementation standard of choice for interoperability requirements in healthcare. Globally, HL7® FHIR-based solutions have been developed and piloted for public health, Precision Medicine and genomics, BioPharma and basic research, mobile health and healthcare payers. NHS Digital is working on several FHIR projects, including collaboration with the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) and the INTEROPen group to provide clinical validation of FHIR profiles for use in the NHS and social care. Local digital roadmap communities are looking at the opportunities FHIR gives to support regional information sharing needs.


Links to the presentations are provided below:





Welcome & introduction
                   Dr Philip Scott, HL7 UK Chair

Overview of HL7 FHIR
                   Rik Smithies, HL7 UK TC Chair

How NHS Digital is using FHIR
                   Richard Kavanagh, NHS Digital

INTEROPen on FHIR a vision for supplier-led and clinically validated implementation
                   Dr Amir Mehrkar, Orion Health and Dr Phil Koczan, PRSB

UK FHIR profiles
                   Dr Dunmail Hodkinson, Blackpear Software

CDA on FHIR - can it be done?
                   Richard Kavanagh, NHS Digital

                   Dr Philip Scott, HL7 UK Chair



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