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HL7 UK Meetings

HL7 Meetings in the US

HL7 and International Standardisation

How do I join HL7 UK?

To join HL7 UK, select Join HL7 UK from the main menu.

How do I log in to the HL7 US site?

Log in to this site then select Login to HL7.org which can be found under the "HL7 International" section of the main menu on the left hand of our site.

Why am I having problems logging into HL7.org?

Some members who run Symantec Client firewall may have problems accessing this site. The problem can be solved by adding www.hl7.org.uk site in Privacy Controls see below:

  • Open Symantec Client firewall

  • Click on "Status & Settings"

  • Click on "Privacy Control"

  • Click on "Configure"

  • Click on "Advanced"

  • Click on "Add site"

  • Type "www.hl7.org"

  • Click "OK"

  • Ensure "www.hl7.org" is selected

  • Uncheck "Use default settings" under "Information about visited sites"

  • Click "Permit"

  • Click "OK"

  • Click "OK"

  • Close Symantec Client firewall

  • Depending on the firewall you use the settings may vary.

How do I find out about HL7 UK meetings?

Follow HL7 UK Events from the main menu.

How do I get hold of HL7 standards and documents?

For HL7 UK documents, follow Documents from main menu. All HL7 UK and HL7 Standards are also available from Documents.

For all other documents originating in the US log in to the US site (see How do I log in to the HL7 US site above) and select "HL7 Standards" from Resources.

How do I request an HL7 UK OID?

Go to Coding and Identification Scheme OIDS and you can view the latest registered HL7 UK OIDs and download an OID Request Form with further instructions.

I've forgotten my username/password

Go to Password Retrieval. Your username is your membership (ID) number.  Follow the instructions to be reminded of your password.

How do I change my Password?

Login to the site and click on "Change Password" in the top right hand login area of the page.

How can I subscribe to a mailing list?

Follow Mailing Lists from top right above.

How do I use the HL7 UK Mailing Lists?

Read the detailed section on Mailing List faqs.

How can I participate on the HL7 UK Wiki?

Follow "Wiki" from the About HL7 UK section of the main menu.

HL7 Meetings in the UK

How do I find out about UK meetings?

Details will be posted to the HL7 UK members list.  See also HL7 UK Events from the main menu.

How much does it cost to attend UK meetings?

HL7 UK meetings are currently free to members.  Potential members are entitled to attend one meeting free of charge, but thereafter must join HL7 UK.

HL7 meetings in the US

Who can attend?

Any member of HL7 UK (or any other HL7 International Affiliate, or HL7 US) can attend at members' rates, see HL7.org site for current rates.

Why should I attend?
  • To meet around 500 other people, many of whom have years of experience in developing and implementing the HL7 standards.
  • To attend any of about 50 general and specialist training courses.
  • To influence the direction or detail of HL7 work.
How do I register?

Wait until the announcement on the HL7 UK members list, then log into the US site (via this site) and click on the box.

HL7 and International Standardisation

What does HL7 stand for?

HL7 stands for Health Level Seven. Health is self-explanatory, while Level 7 refers to the seventh layer of the International Standard Organisation (ISO) Open System Interconnect (OSI) basic reference model (ISO 7498:1984). OSI is the standard model for networking protocols and distributed applications, which became a standard in 1983. HL7 was formed in 1987, at about the same time that EDIFACT (ISO 9735:1987) and SGML (ISO 8879:1986) became international standards.

What is a Standard?

The ISO definition of a standard is a document, established by consensus and approved by a recognised body, that provides for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results aimed at the achievement of a maximum degree of order in a given context.

Is HL7 a recognised body?

Yes. Since 1994 HL7 has been an accredited Standards Development Organisation affiliated to ANSI (American National Standards Organisation). HL7 procedures are audited by ANSI.

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