HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

HL7 UK NHS Implementers Group:
Making the Links, Getting the Message

Held on: 01 February 2006
Location: Union Jack Club, London


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The one-day event began with an overview of HL7 from Charlie McCay.

The main morning session comprise two LSP presentations and a panel discussion on their local interfacing strategy. James Watson described the Fujitsu approach in the Southern cluster then Tom Wright explained CSC's plans in the North West and West Midlands cluster.
Mike Snowden from BT (London LSP) joined them for a lively panel discussion with the audience. A recurring theme which was revisited later in the day was the question of a national standard for LSP local interfacing. CSC and Accenture have agreed a common approach, but Fujitsu and BT are implementing differently.

The afternoon session started with a talk by Ken Lunn, head of messaging in CfH, explaining the Message Implementation Manual and discussing future strategy for v3 specifications.

This was followed by a workshop session comprising three breakout groups. The themes were: 

  • LSP v2 standardisation
  • interface implementation - project management and technical issues
  • integration engines. 

The first group brainstormed the elements of the business case for v2 standardisation for discussion with CfH. The second group produced some key points from practical experience to help other implementers. The third group came up with an inventory of engines in use in the NHS and plan to write up a feature comparison. Each of these outputs has the potential to be worked up into a useful product.

In the final summary discussion, all present agreed the content had been useful and that there was more that needs to be done to take forward the discussions and the products.

It was agreed that a large whole-day meeting was not needed in the near future but that a subgroup meeting will be held at the April working meeting to progress things.

The charter of the subgroup will be formally presented to the Technical Committee for approval at the April meeting.