HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

MSDN Article: A Software Factory Approach To HL7 Version 3 Solutions

June 2005

Summary: This white paper, developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Blueprint Technologies [BPT] as part of Microsoft's Health Level 7 (HL7) Software Factory initiative, presents a vision for a software factory in the context of Health Level Seven Version 3 (V3). (32 printed pages)

An implemented HL7 software factory, as described in this white paper, is intended to be used by HL7 V3 application developers in order to simplify the specification, design, implementation, testing and deployment of HL7 V3 conformant applications. A more specific vision for the factory is provided below:

Develop a Software Factory that makes it easier (easier than it is today) for Healthcare Solution Providers to architect, design, and implement HL7 V3 conformant applications within a Web services environment that is built utilizing Microsoft tools and underlying platform components.

Increasingly complex and rapidly changing requirements and technologies are pushing the limits of the current approach to software application development. Because of these trends, stakeholders are increasingly turning to software product line practices to reduce risk, cost, and time to market while improving product quality through systematic reuse. Adopting organizations are starting to demand the kind of tool support available in Rapid Application Development (RAD) environments for software product lines.


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