HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards


May 2007

As we look towards harmonization with other standards, it is worth taking note of the following on the ACB-IT message board, sent by Rick Jones:-

"The wiki below is being used to create a standardised NHS datamodel to influence the development of NHS systems such as Lorenzo. There is a current activity to standardise order sets. If anyone has the interest it would be worth adding comments to the suggested models."

To date their main 'pushes' for info / comment within the HL7 world have been through the Detailed Clinical Models group, as they are most interested in the objectives and techniques. The clinical domains being addressed within the pilot are Emergency and Maternity Care. They are looking at existing material and seeking input from clinicians.

As many HL7 UK members are actively engaged in the transfer of data between systems in a compatible format and have many years experience in various domains, it may be worth reviewing the content of the pilot. It is interesting to see that Laboratory results do not seem to be covered even though they are used for 80% of diagnoses. HL7 already has the capability of carrying all clinical information in the standard 'Clinical Statement' construct but may benefit from the application of Architypes/templates to that representation.

Last modified 12/09/07