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HL7 EHR functional model to be progressed through ISO

April 10,  2007

This document (ISO/TC215 N537 HL7 Electronic Health Record System Functional Model, Release 1) describes the proposal for the HL7 EHR functional model to be progressed through ISO. This functional model has been well tested in the US, and establishing a commonly agreed formal basis for the expression of requirements is a sensible way to improve their production and maintenance.

There is work to be done to address how this relates to ISO 18308 - "Requirements for an Electronic Health Record Reference Architecture" - though it is understood that this was addressed during the development of the functional model.

The Functional Model was balloted as a Normative Universal HL7 V3 standard in January this year, and this is clearly an area where international standardisation would be useful

If anyone has comments on this, or is prepared to offer themselves up as a candidate national expert to support this standardisation process, then please contact  Charlie McCay

Last modified 17/09/07