HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

BT says interoperability offers the greatest prospect for success

28 June 2007

The BT Health MD Patrick O'Connell has identified interoperability as the key to reducing risk in the delivery of information systems to the healthcare community of London. It is good to see this recognition of the value of interoperability at the highest levels of management within the LSP community. The challenge for HL7UK is to show that engaging with the standards community in the delivery of interoperability further reduces risk and cost, and opens more doors for innovation. This is a challenge that the organization is rising to meet.

The following is a quote from the eHealth insider article on 28th June:

"This best of breed interoperability approach he says offers the greatest prospect for success, ensuring that 'all your eggs aren't in one basket' while keeping competition and providing a route for innovation and future developments. In addition, he says that interoperability offers the best way to connect with existing legacy systems."

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Last modified 17/09/07