HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

CEN/TC251, ISO/TC215 and HL7 launch inaugural Joint Initiative Council and Joint Working Group

In a significant and positive development towards the harmonisation of Health Informatics Standards, CEN/TC251, ISO/TC215 and HL7 have launched their inaugural Joint Initiative Council and Joint Working Group at a meeting in Brisbane hosted by ISO/TC215 and Standards Australia. Their set of agreed work items includes an EHR communications architecture standard, a joint data types standard, care information model standards requirements and patient and medication safety standards.

"The contribution of the many experts from each of the SDOs, all working together, is a huge strength of the Joint Working Group and we fully support this collaborative work that is so essential in delivering shared care through interoperability of our health information systems". 
(Ed Hammond, newly elected Chair of the Joint Initiative Council).

The next meeting of the Joint Working Group is scheduled to coincide with the CEN TC 251 meetings in Dublin on October 2nd 2007.

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Last modified 25/09/07