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Change of HL7 UK Chair

Released: 11 October 2007

Due to unexpected change in personal circumstance, Patrick Mitchell-Jones is unable to continue to commit sufficient time and attention to serve as HL7 UK chair, and so has stepped aside.

HL7 UK would like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick for all the excellent work that he has done in promoting and supporting HL7 UK, the use of standards, and HL7 in particular, and the underlying objective of interoperability between healthcare systems.

While part of the supplier community, as well as when employed by CFH, he has demonstrated the value and practicality of using standards. He has been a strong supporter of the pragmatic use of CDA documents and in doing so showing how English requirements can be met in a way that is consistent with standards use elsewhere. In the Lab world he has shown that internationally agreed structures can be defined in HL7 that can then be profiled for use as IHE CDA templates, and also profiled for use in messages or templates for the UK and English CFH use. This productive and practical approach has been inspiring, and will be much missed.

The HL7 UK Board has also benefited from his business and technical sense, and approachable and clear chairmanship.

As immediate-past chair Charlie McCay has assumed the role of Chair, and is tasked by the bylaws with organising an election for a replacement.

The election of a new Chair will take place on December 10th at an EGM that will be combined with a technical meeting. Details will follow in due course.

There is much value to be added to UK healthcare by the development and use of appropriate national and international standards here, and HL7 UK has a key role to play in that process. The position of Chair is a challenging and rewarding one that will give an individual an opportunity to contribute substantially to creating that value.

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