HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Interoperability of healthcare information

BJHCIM News Article: 26 October 2007

In the first of a series of BJHCIM articles on the technical background to interoperability, Ann Wrightson from the CSW Group Technology Office looks at two key factors that make interoperability standards work: maturity and harmonization.

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Interoperability of healthcare information

Interoperability in healthcare needs to be both effective and sustainable, and two current trends are key enablers for achieving this goal. The first is the ongoing evolution towards maturity of XML-based interoperability standards. The second is growing recognition that standards need to be not only available and adoptable, but also harmonized across all the major standards providers. This is especially true in a sector such as healthcare that combines inherently complex information with an increasingly international market for information systems suppliers.

Source:  BJHCIM News Article published 26/10/07

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