HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Interoperability gets more complex

eHealth Insider Article: 7 November 2007

An article, by Tim Benson, in eHealth Insider discusses how interoperability will get more complex due to the NPfIT Local Ownership Programme (NLOP) which will create further pressure on health care interoperability specialists. The article discusses the interoperability benefits of HL7 and recent HL7 developments 

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"NLOP and the new Additional Supply Capability and Capacity (ASCC) suppliers will inevitably lead to greater variety in the new systems offered (to say nothing of existing systems), whilst raising expectations that these systems will interoperate and provide joined up health care for patients."

"If anyone still believes that interoperability can be safely devolved to a black box in the corner, they need to wake up to reality. Interoperability is hard and expensive, not because it is intrinsically difficult, but because you have to specify and deliver exactly what you want. As with all things digital, interoperating computer systems are intolerant of the slightest error."

[Source: eHealth Insider (07/11/07)]

Last modified 08/11/07