HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Consultation begins on national GP data extraction

06 June 2008

eHealth Insider Primary Care reports that the Information Center is consulting on a new service to extract data from GP systems. Part of this could and should be establishing a standard for extracting information from primary care systems. There is an opportunity to build on the success of MIQUEST and GP2GP both of which have been implemented widely in English GP systems. It is also an opportunity to use the clinical statement based HL7 Care Record Query specification  which has already been accepted by ANSI/HITSP in the USA as the standard for gathering data for quality reporting there, and is expected to be recognized by the US department of HHS in early 2009.

This is an opportunity for the UK to build on its leadership position in the setting and using of international healthcare data standards to the benefit of both suppliers and purchasers of systems in the UK.


Last modified 09/06/08