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HL7 UK Website Hosting 

27 June 2008

HL7 UK needs to move its website after many years helpful and valuable hosting by CSW.

As a non-profit, volunteer run organisation, we are hoping to find a new hosting solution at no or low cost.

As such we would like to ask the membership for offers to host our website. In return the hosting company would have their logo and link shown prominently on all HL7 UK web pages.

We would consider solutions based on traditional server based hosting, or a relocation of our existing two physical machines.

If you are able to help us please respond to webmaster@hl7.org.uk, as soon as you can. Even if you are unable to help us with this, but can recommend a commercial hosting service, we would like to hear from you.

Technical Specifications:

There are two systems, a website server and a mailing list server.

  1. Website:
  • ASP (original ASP not ASP.net)
  • IIS on Windows Server 2003
  • Custom COM objects to support the ASP
  • Makes use of a local MS Access database
  • Uses local file system for file repository
  • FTP access needed for administrator to update pages and files
  • Remote desktop or other dial in ability ideally for troubleshooting
  • Disk space required 17Gb
  1. Mailing list server:
  • Mailman software (current version 2.1.6)
  • Linux OS (Red Hat Linux release 8.0)
  • FTP and ideally remote desktop etc
  • Disk space required 1.5Gb

The two systems are independent, only communicating via email.


Last modified 27/06/08