HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Europe aims for interoperable EHRs by 2015

23 July 2008

A European Commission draft recommendation sets out a roadmap for continent wide health data interoperability by 2015. 

"The aim is to kick-start an eHealth interoperability initiative in an area of activity and operation that is already relatively well defined, and has been explored in detail by a majority of Member States and by international and European standardisation efforts, among others." 
[COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION of 2nd July 2008 on cross-border interoperability of electronic health record systems]

Planning for such future developments highlights the need for use of truly international standards, rather than single country or single organisation ones. 

Systems that use widely adopted global standards such as the HL7 CDA (Clinical Document Architecture)* and IHE XDS (Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing) would be well placed to address such needs without future re-engineering.

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