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HL7 CDA Product and Services Guide Pilot

07 August 2008

The HL7 Marketing Council has launched the pilot of the HL7 CDA Product and Services Guide. This is a joint project with the HIMSS Electronic Health Record Vendors' Association (EHRVA). The goal of this project is to build awareness of CDA adoption by highlighting vendor products which support CDA globally and communicating that consulting and education support are available for CDA. After completion of the pilot project, HL7 will collaborate with other MOU partners to gather additional input for this guide.

How to get involved

The time to enter your CDA product or services data is now! To participate in the pilot, a vendor or consultant needs to be a member of HL7, an HL7 Affiliate or EHRVA. You can enter your product or service information up to, and including the 17th of August. 

To enter your data, go to the HL7 website (HL7 UK Members can access via the menu when logged in) and click on the link at the top of the website titled HL7 CDA Product and Services Guide. 

Note: if you encounter a ‘security certificate’ error when accessing the pilot website, click the option to ‘Continue to this website’ -- disregard the ‘not recommended’ warning. A link to the User Manual about the pilot and advice on entering the data is available on the pilot website. 

Download this worksheet to help get you started on the information you will need to collect...>>

For those that participated in the User Acceptance Testing, all test data has been removed from the site. All users are required to request a new user ID via the “New User?” link on the home page.

Targeted for completion in September, the pilot will give members of HL7 and EHRVA the opportunity to provide content to the guide. Multiple CDA products and services can be included. This guide will also be available at HL7’s International Interoperability Conference (IHIC) in October, in collaboration with other CDA documents from IHIC.

HL7 plans to distribute a paper handout of the CDA pilot guide at the HL7 September Plenary. The guide will also be available online after the HL7 WG meeting in late September. The User Manual gives details of all contact names if you have any questions.


Last modified 07/08/08