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Importance of metrics & proving business benefits of integration 

04 September 2008

A recent article in Computer Weekly describes how across IT there are fewer integration projects happening, and that fewer of them are being done with clear metrics to measure success. The article suggests that metrics are vital, and that integration programs need to predict and measure early benefits that can be reported to the board level decision makers and other stakeholders. This is true of HL7 based projects in healthcare as much as any other industry.

ComputerWeekly.com: article posted 26 August 2008

An extract of the article is below, to view the full article click here...>>

"People, particularly on the industry side, often talk about the benefits of integrating IT systems: the nirvana of so-called end-to-end business processes. Such integration enables chief information officers and IT directors to drive through business process optimisation projects and give business managers the ability to look at customers, suppliers and all manner of business metrics from a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Yet, IT decision-makers in the private and public sector appear to be driving less IT integration in their organisations than in 2006. Metrics to measure return on investment of integration are used significantly less in 2008, compared with two years ago. Furthermore, due to a lack of management support, IT integration can be seen as an obstacle to meeting business expectations."

[Source: ComputerWeekly.com]

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