HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Public review of HL7 Standards

30 September 2008

A selection of HL7 standards are being brought forward for adoption by HITSP, the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel. They are up for public review over the next month

The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) announces the opening of a public comment period for the following HITSP documents:

  • Personalized Healthcare Interoperability Specification (IS08)
  • Consultations and Transfers of Care Interoperability Specification (IS09)
  • Immunizations and Response Management Interoperability Specification (IS10)
  • Public Health Case Reporting Interoperability Specification (IS11)
  • Patient-Provider Secure Messaging Interoperability Specification (IS12)
  • Remote Monitoring Interoperability Specification (IS77)

The public comment period will be open from  Monday September 29, 2008 until Close of Business, Friday, October 24, 2008. HITSP members and public stakeholders are encouraged to review these documents and provide comments through the HITSP comment tracking system.

The documents and the HITSP comment tracking system are accessible through www.hitsp.org 

HITSPís objectives are to serve and establish a cooperative partnership between the public and private sectors to achieve a widely accepted and useful set of standards that will enable and support widespread interoperability among healthcare software applications in a Nationwide Health Information Network for the United States and to harmonize relevant standards in the healthcare industry to enable and advance interoperability of healthcare applications, and the interchange of healthcare data, to assure accurate use, access, privacy and security, both for supporting the delivery of care and public health.

Last modified 01/10/08