HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Healthcare Interoperability

10 October 2008

Brian Derry, The CFH Informatics Review programme director, argues that Lord Darzi's Next Stage Review maps a future in which health communities will increasingly be defined by interoperability, and the extent to which they are able to work together and use common standards. He rightly identifies the technicalities of standards as being a distraction from the benefits that they can deliver, and we in HL7 need to continually work to demonstrate and increase the real benefits that standards use and engagement bring.

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“Healthcare is now delivered by a range of organisations and professional teams, working from multiple locations. So information must be able to go with the patient. For me that is what interoperability is about.” 
[Brian Derry, Connecting for Health’s Informatics Review programme director in an article from eHealth Insider 9 October 2008]


HL7 UK 2008 Conference is focussing on the capability of HL7 and related informatics standards to ensure quality information is made available when and where required. There are also a series of learning based tutorials for delegates, on issues such as HL7 v3, Spine/PDS, CDA and SNOMED.
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