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HL7 UK Technical Committee AGM & Working Meeting 

7 April 2009
Union Jack Club, London, SE1

HL7 UK 2009 AGM

During the Technical Committee Working Meeting the Ninth HL7 UK Annual General Meeting was held. Charlie Bishop is now Chair of HL7 UK and Rik Smithies was thanked for his period in this post. Ann Wrightson has been appointed as Technical Committee Chair and replaces Hugh Glover who held this position for 5 years. The Board welcomed a new Board Member - Steve Bentley who was elected as a Member at Large. To see the full Board Structure please follow this link...>>. Board documents will be available to members to view in Documents (please login to view).

Technical Committee Working Meeting

This meeting proved extremely popular and all of the speakers gave excellent presentations and demonstrations of existing systems. All of the presentations are available to members to view from Documents (please login to view). 

One of the speakers, René Spronk, has put together a blogpost on the meeting which includes video interviews with Rik Smithies and Ann Wrightson, a real insight into one of our Working Meetings and thoughts and ideas from people directly involved with HL7 UK. To view the blogpost click here...>>  

The day consisted of several presentations:

  • A Review of HL7 Activity by Rik Smithies.
  • HL7 query messaging for clinical repositories by Andy Harris, UK Biobank.
  • Introduction to RIMBAA and associated technologies from René Spronk, a leading international HL7 expert.
  • Andrea Ceiner, PHI Telemed, Italy. Andrea gave a live demonstration of an HL7 based configurable hospital system.
  • Michael van der Zel from the University Medical Center, Groningen. Michael spoke of his experiences in Holland with HL7 based applications, and clinical models.


Listed below are the attendees who attended during the day.

  • Khalid Abbas, TBS GB
  • Richard Averill, Stalis Ltd
  • Thomas Balkizas, ITAL TBS
  • Tim Benson, Abies Ltd
  • Charlie Bishop, iSOFT
  • Nick Brown, IHE
  • Andrea Ceiner, ITAL TBS
  • Tony Davey, Savvy Consulting Ltd
  • Marcus Davies, Integrella
  • Isobel Frean,
  • Adam Frinton, NHS Connecting for Health
  • Hugh Glover, Blue Wave Informatics
  • Mike Grimes, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
  • Andy Harris, UK Biobank
  • Andrew Hinchley, Independent Consultant
  • Mik Horswell, UK Council for Health Informatics Professions
  • William Jones, iSOFT
  • Richard Kavanagh, NHS Connecting for Health
  • Davide Magni, ITAL TBS
  • Charlie McCay, Ramsey Systems ltd
  • Senthil Nathan, iSOFT UK
  • Mary Pritchard, HL7 UK
  • Arfan Rehman, BT Global Services
  • Philip Scott, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Sameer Shah, Mastek Ltd
  • Chris Smith, iSOFT
  • Rik Smithies, HL7 UK
  • Mike Snowden, BT
  • René Spronk, Ringholm GmbH
  • Alberto Steindler, ITAL TBS
  • Ian Townend, NHS Connecting for Health
  • Michael van der Zel, University Medical Center, Groningen, NL
  • Preshit Vartak, Mastek UK Ltd
  • Martin Whittaker, Touchstone Consultancy Ltd
  • Robert Worden, Charteris plc
  • Ann Wrightson, Informing Healthcare


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