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IST Work Item Proposal

29 April 2009

HL7UK would like to support this project it is vital that we do strive to bring efforts in this space together, and this project is a good framework for contributing to that.

If any HL7 UK member is interested in commenting on this document, before 23 June 2009, then please contact Charlie McCay at charlie@ramseysystems.co.uk. 

The NWIP is available for HL7 UK Members to download, please use the link at the bottom of this page (you will need to login to access the link).

IST_35_09_0071: CEN/TC 251 N09-020 - New Work Item Proposal - Quality Requirements and Methodology for Detailed Clinical Models (parallel CEN/TC 251 and ISO/TC 215 ballot)

CEN National Committees have been invited to approve this proposal for addition to the work programme of CEN/TC 215/WG1 based on the outline standard given.

Quality requirements and methodologies are necessary for clinical content analysis, quality assurance, information modeling, and repositories for Detailed Clinical Models (DCM). Detailed Clinical Models are small items of clinical, preventive and care information that are well defined and for which knowledge, data definition, vocabulary binding, and information model for use in information and communication technology are standardized and reusable over domains, purposes, standards and implementations (adapted from Brisbane workshop, 2007).

 It is envisioned that the DCM will step into the already established arena of semantic interoperability, with extra features including attention for the validity, reliability and usability of the clinical source materials, criteria for the format of a DCM, generic modeling in order to allow transformations into archetypes, HL7 templates, and other relevant standards and technologies, offering clinicians the opportunity to 'only do this once' and reusing these investments multiple times.

 In addition, involved experts from HL7, CEN, ISO and OpenEHR expect that this approach can help to bridge still existing issues in the harmonization of standards. Part of this work would include establishment of criteria for repositories of DCM in which metadata, search ability and distribution and maintenance will be determined.

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