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Mapper Healthcare Tools

03 June 2009

Robert Worden will be coming to the Technical Committee Working Meeting on June 18 to talk about and demonstrate the Mapper Healthcare Tools, these tools are now very close to launch on the HL7.org toolbase. 

The Mapper Healthcare Tools are a set of Open Source tools for Healthcare Application Integration, built on the Eclipse Modelling Facility (EMF). They have generic facilities for healthcare systems integration, and specialised facilities for HL7 Version 2 and HL7 Version 3.

Healthcare IT systems have a variety of data models, and communicate in a range of message formats, standard and non-standard. The purpose of the tools is to build reliable, testable interfaces between these systems and message formats - so that applications can exchange data with high confidence that their information content will not be lost or distorted.

The core technique supported by the tools is Semantic Mapping. Semantic mappings are mappings of physical data structures onto a UML class model.

Semantic mappings between an XML message format (or relational data model) and a class model define precisely and completely how any instance of the XML or database conveys information in an instance of the class model. Having semantic mappings from several different XML languages onto the same class model is the soundest possible basis for interoperability between those languages - because it defines what they all mean, in terms of the common class model.

The tools support four main activities:

  1. Defining and validating Semantic Mappings
  2. Automatic generation of translation software from the mappings
  3. Testing of translations for semantic and structural correctness
  4. Model-based application development

For a more detailed overview of the tools please download this document...>>

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