HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

HL7 Officer, Director and Affiliate Director Elections Now Open

03 July 2009

There is a strong lineup of candidates for the HL7 director positions. The quality of candidates willing to stand for these positions reflects the growing importance of HL7 as the place where the long term standards that can release the power of healthcare information are maintained and developed.

Anyone who is a direct member of HL7.org may vote for these two posts and the personal statements are available to them, and provide an promising set of perspectives on the future of the organisation. See www.hl7.org

Elections close end-of-day Thursday, July 30, 2009, Eastern Time (ET). Mailed or faxed ballots must be received by HQ by Thursday, July 30, 2009. Ballots received after Thursday, July 30, 2009 will not be counted.

Current individual members and the designated voting representatives of organizational and Affiliate members of HL7, Inc. will be electing the Treasurer.

HL7 Directors will be elected by individual members and the designated voting representative of current organizational members of HL7, Inc.

HL7 Affiliate chairs will elect the Affiliate Director to the HL7 Board.


Last modified 03/07/09