HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

HL7 UK supports new Department of Health initiative

04 September 2009

Christine Connelly, the Chief Information Officer for Health in England, announced at the Healthcare Computing conference this year that the Department of Health would produce an interoperability toolkit to help both software vendors and NHS Trusts.

The Department's Informatics Directorate has approached HL7 UK to assist with the production and validation of this important toolkit. The Board of HL7 UK has welcomed the development and eventual mandation of a suite of interoperability specifications for the NHS in England.

The Board invited the Informatics Directorate to consult with the HL7 UK membership on the specifications and toolkit guidance and proposed a specific working meeting on the 14th October  devoted to the toolkit and HL7 UK's more broadly focused Trust strategy pack in Autumn 2009. We will explore the feasibility of holding this meeting jointly with other relevant groups involved with the toolkit.

HL7 UK offers this initiative the benefit of a wider perspective than the scope of the Department of Health for England in that our organization's remit is the whole UK and is enriched by our members' international involvement in healthcare interoperability.


Last modified 04/09/09