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HL7 Work Group Co-Chair Nominees

14 December 2009

Melvin Reynolds is standing for re-election as co-chair of the Devices Work Group.

Melvin's supporting statement is:

"Though no longer directly involved in the healthcare devices market my background in physiology and pharmacology, before joining a manufacturer of medical and laboratory instrumentation, and as international business manager for clinical information systems remains valuable as context for facilitation of the Healthcare Devices group. Leadership roles in CEN TC251, ISO TC215, IEEE1073, and other co-ordination activities enable me to avoid duplication of standards work and outputs and to seek synergy wherever possible within this highly regulated global business sector. I am prepared to continue to serve as co-chair of the Healthcare Devices WG should members so wish."

There are other opportunities for HL7 UK members to step up and take leadership positions, we have a number of people actively involved in leadership roles...>>

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