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HL7 Call for Nominations for Upcoming Co-Chair Elections

09 July 2010

The following HL7 work groups>October 3-8, 2010 in Cambridge, MA. 

HL7 UK Members who are interested in nominating themselves as a co-chair should follow the formalized process as required by HL7. The deadline for nominations is COB, Friday, August 6, 2010. Nominations submitted after the deadline will not be accepted; however, write-ins will be accepted during the October WGM.

The formalized process for electing co-chairs is as follows:

  1. Written announcement is made to members conveying that a 30-day period for receiving nominations for co-chair position(s) has started. This communiqué serves as that announcement to all of the work groups listed above. Please forward all co-chair nominations via e-mail to NOMINATIONS@HL7.ORG or fax to +1 734 677 6622 no later than COB Friday, August 6, 2010. Please specify the work group for which you are nominating a candidate.
  2. A list of candidates will be announced to the membership electronically. At least two candidates should be nominated for each open position. Note that co-chairs serve for two years and may be re-elected without limit. When possible, co-chairs terms should be staggered to ensure continuity of leadership. Candidates will be asked to supply a brief (one paragraph or less) statement of their credentials, reasons and vision for seeking election to the work group for which they are nominated.
  3. Per the following sections of the GOM, the October co-chair elections shall be conducted as follows:
    05.02.04 Voting at the Working Group Meeting - Work Group co-chair elections shall be announced at each general session and shall open on Monday of the Working Group Meeting and continue through the following Wednesday. Work Group co-chairs are encouraged to also announce the co-chair election in their opening comments. The polls shall open with the general session and close at 5:30 PM Monday through Wednesday.

    Anyone in attendance at the WGM whose badge holder, issued at registration, identifies them as Members and who are subscribers of the Work Group's primary list server as of the Wednesday preceding the WGM may pick up and complete that Work Group's co-chair ballot at the HL7 registration desk any time during the polling hours Monday through Wednesday.
    The ballots shall be controlled by reference to a list of subscriber email addresses to the Work Group's primary list server. A polling site shall be established in proximity to the HL7 registration desk to allow voters to expeditiously complete the ballot and return it to the ballot box on the registration desk.

    05.02.05 Tally and Announcement - The ballot box shall be secured by HL7 staff when the polls close each day. The Associate Executive Director shall oversee the tally, including absentee ballots. If this tally results in a tie, the decision will be made by drawing lots, unless one of the candidates involved wishes to defer to the other. The results of co-chair elections shall be announced during the Thursday general session, posted on the announcement board near the registration desk, and provided to the Work Groups. All ballot materials shall be retained for one month from the close of the WGM in case of a call for recount.

A copy of the GOM suitable for download and printing is available on the HL7 web site at: http://www.hl7.org/permalink/?GOM 

This document can also be retrieved from the HL7 website with the following link: http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/membership/CallForNominations_2010OCT.pdf 



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