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Implementing a new ADT based on the HL7 version3 RIM

09 July 2010

In May 2006 a paper called "Implementing a new ADT based on the HL7 version3 RIM" was published. It is  a useful article for those thinking about HL7 V3 and ADT implementation. 

Read the full paper at http://www.scribd.com/doc/15901390/29Implementing-a-New-ADT-Based-on-the-HL7-Version-3-RIM 

Abstract reproduced from the article: 
The University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) are the result of the merge of six hospitals into one single organization. While a true fusion of the management has been effectively done, it was not the case 5 years after for several databases, and in particular the ADT (admission, discharge, transfer). In order to truly realize the fusion, a new ADT service has been built using state of the art technology and standards in order to replace the existing seven services. This paper presents the results of the redesign and development of the new ADT service. The data model, based on HL7 RIM, is described and the technologies selected are presented. Finally, a status after 1 year of production is presented.



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