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Neutral Mapping Notation: Candidate language for review

29 July 2010

In the project to adopt a neutral mapping notation, there is now a definition of a candidate mapping language available for review.

The review pack can be downloaded from http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=Candidate_Mapping_Notations

The language is called 'Open Mapping Language', and is based on that used by the mapping tools at http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/prject/v2v3-mapping/frs 

"Mappings are widely used, but often in informal or proprietary notations. There would be many benefits in using a single open mapping notation. Adoption of a single mapping language will stimulate the market both for mappings and the tools to support them, and will enhance interoperability and quality." (Robert Worden)

Please send review comments on the language definition to the HL7 ITS list its@lists.hl7.org, or add to the wiki page above. The intention is to receive comments over the summer, then discuss them in a quarter of the ITS Working Group at the HL7 International Working Group Meeting in Cambridge, USA (October 3-8).

Robert Worden plans to have a couple of webexes to introduce the language and discuss it. Planned dates are 12 August and 7 September - both at 4 pm GMT. Please email rpworden@me.com for an invite.

The review pack includes a slide set about the business case for mappings. You could read it first, to see why you should read the rest.

(slide from Business Case for Mapping in the review pack)

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