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'Ed Hammond Volunteer of the Year' award

11 October 2010

At last week's HL7 Working Group Meeting in Cambridge MA, USA, Hugh Glover and Julie James were two of the recipients of the annual 'Ed Hammond Volunteer of the Year' award.  Hugh and Julie have been HL7 UK Members for over 10 years and Hugh is on the HL7 UK Board and was the Technical Committee Chair for 4 years. HL7 UK  congratulate them on receiving this award and appreciate their continued efforts.

Julie James and Hugh Glover with Ed Hammond and their trophies

Ed Hammond's Citation: "The Pharmacy Work Group nominated two people for the volunteer of the year award. They were nominated jointly, not only because both have been very active contributors to HL7 for many years, but also because they are a couple in both work and private life. I would like to present the W. Edward Hammond Volunteer of the Year award to Julie James and to Hugh Glover. They both have held positions (as co-chair or facilitator) in the Pharmacy WG for many years. Their energy has been exemplary, with Hugh still serving actively as our link to the Common Product Model.

The pharmacy work group noted, with appreciation, that one or both of them has always tried to attend WGM's, even when there was no sponsorship available. Even though Julie's attention has shifted to Patient Safety lately, she's still following the pharmacy work from the background; sometimes literally from the background, during the weekly conference calls. Occasionally, this provides a glimpse of the Glover/James household, just like the time the Pharmacy WG held an out-of-cycle meeting in their home town of Exeter, with dinner served at their home.

Hugh and Julie seem to be very different personalities, with Hugh often being a calming voice in heated debates, and Julie sharing her emotions freely if she feels strongly. What they have in common is a firm commitment to the consistency and clarity of the HL7 standard. With Julie's background as a pharmacist, and Hugh's expertise in data modeling, they complement each other well and have always been a valuable addition to the Pharmacy Work Group, being involved in the V3 development work right from the start.

When I think of Hugh and Julie, I think of great transition coordinators. In the formative years of the Pharmacy SIG/WG, they shared their experience and knowledge from the NHS Pharmacy Service to help HL7 understand what needed to be done. And again, when the JIC and HL7 were trying to create the ICSR standard working with ISO, ICH, and CEN, they provided a leadership and coordination that was critical to the success of the project.

It is with pleasure that I present this recognition to the first couple's awarding of the W. Edward Hammond Volunteer of the Year Award. It is richly deserved." [Ed Hammond, Vice Chair HL7 International]


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