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HL7 October 2010 Working Group Meeting

Around 12 HL7 UK Members went to the Working Group Meeting (WGM), 3-8 October, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. You can read their feedback below. For more details about the forthcoming WGM...>>

To view details of HL7 UK members with leadership positions in HL7.org please follow this link.

Charlie McCay

Report from the October 2010 WGM...>>

Rene Spronk

Report from the October 2010 WGM...>>

Tim Benson

Feedback from the WGM October 2010

This was a useful meeting, especially for networking. This was the largest HL7 WGM ever, but with the lowest number of UK delegates for some time, in spite of fact that Boston is only a 6 hour hop.

Very good plenary session (whole morning) on Clinical Genomics. Lucid talk by Raju Kucherlapati, explaining value of clinical genomics in risk assessment, early detection and treatment. Excellent examples on lung cancer and warfarin. Costs now approaching $100, but actual tests will probably stay at about $1000 but with ever increasing added value and interpretation aids.

Interesting presentation by Sandy Aronson at Partners Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine on the differences between genomic data and traditional lab data. In genomic data the facts stay the same but interpretation keeps changing. Need to combine the gene data with a dynamic knowledge base.

In USA, the "meaningful use criteria" are now finalised for stage 1 (of 3). $19-37Bn incentives. Current bar has been lowered but will probably be raised in stages 2-3; Need for 50,000 work force in health informatics. Setting up range of distance learning courses. Duke has responsibility for networking and exchange of data courses.
Certification of EHRs will be done by 4 organizations inc CCHIT. The ONC has established two top level committees HITPC (policy) and HITSC (standards). Standards so far prescribed are a mixed bag. Division of work between creation of standards and promotion of use of standards is a new theme.

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