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EU eHealth Interoperability Roadmap: A CALLIOPE proposal

05 January 2011

"The intention of this document is to propose a robust, complete and consistent global view EU eHealth Interoperability Roadmap, describing possible "highways" and presenting a coherent factual basis for decision making. It builds on the stakeholder requirements and consensus (vs expert view only) around a complete view of the working model needed to serve the common aim: Sustainable Healthcare: Sharing Information and knowledge for better health. It does so by bringing together visions, concepts, principles and emerging findings from collaborative European cross-border initiatives" [EU eHealth Interoperability Roadmap December 2010]

The outlook is that this document together with the Consultation Report will provide the basis for the Mainstreaming Activity of the eHealth Governance Initiative and - through this - provide concrete input to decision making in support of the eHealth High Level Governance process. The Roadmap and its process will continue within the eHealth Governance Initiative. Issues identified from this Consultation process will be reflected in a Consultation Report.



Last modified 05/01/11