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HL7 January 2011 Working Group Meeting

The recent HL7 International standards organisation Working Meeting in Sydney, Australia, was acclaimed by all attending as a great success. Nearly 350 participants from over 25 countries worked January 9-14 in more than 50 Work Groups, Committees and Task Forces to progress the HL7 V2.x, CDA, V3 and EHR Standards. Many commented on the excellent work environment and the spectacular networking cruise on Sydney Harbour!

A handful of HL7 UK Members traveled to the Working Group Meeting in Sydney, Australia. You can read their feedback below. For more details about the forthcoming WGM...>>

To view details of HL7 UK members with leadership positions in HL7.org please follow this link.

Hugh Glover

From within the Pharmacy Working Group - it was well attended and we did the ballot resolution on 4 ballots with only one substantive issue. So from Normative Edition 2011 the majority of pharmacy content should be present. We then turned to look at implementation, and particularly why implementations tend to start with CDA for pharmacy when we know (and they discover) that it isn't necessarily the best route to follow. We had some joint discussion with Structured Documents on this as well. We hope that over the coming month the Pharmacy WG will start to build some wiki pages that help guide people through the material and also help inform the implementation decisions about both CDA and messaging solutions.

Rik Smithies

There was a half day joint meeting between HL7 RIMBAA and openEHR software implementers, there being significant areas of overlap. It was a very constructive meeting, and there will be another joint session during the next WGM in Orlando in May.

Work on CDA R3 progresses with some methodological issues being worked out in Structured Documents and Clinical Statement, to allow any content to be recorded and in a manner that is fully consistent between all exchange styles (documents, messages, services etc).

A unique joint session was held on Friday morning, where regulators from 4 parts of the world presented insights on how medicines and medical devices are regulated and public health is safeguarded, in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe. Presentations and discussion was heard from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority (Medsafe), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


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