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HL7 e-Learning Scholarships Available

18 February 2011

HL7 International, in collaboration with the HL7 International Council, is pleased to announce a scholarship program for its highly successful global eLearning Course.

The HL7 e-learning course (ELC) is an internet based, tutor monitored, HL7 managed, self-study course on health informatics and HL7 standards. The goal of the ELC is to create a cost effective and affordable way to give opportunity for healthcare IT professionals, globally, to learn about HL7 standards so that they can use them in their implementations.

To encourage the global use and adoption of healthcare informatics by expanding knowledge about, access to and use of HL7 standards, especially in those countries and regions where there is minimal or no HL7 presence, the scholarship program started on March, 2010 English edition ELC course.

Preference will be given to applicants from countries without an HL7 Affiliate. 
There are also opportunities for interested individuals and organizations to sponsor ELC scholarships.

UPDATE: Please note that the places have already been allocated for the courses commencing 17 March 2011. More about the course is available at http://www.hl7.org/events/elearning.cfm 



Last modified 16/03/11