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IST35 - Portfolio 1 call announced

18 February 2011

IST35 - Portfolio 1 call announced - including 13606 renewal, and ISO EHR Requirements approval

There will be a Portfolio 1 call in the week of 21st-25th Feb to discuss a few outstanding documents. Please indicate your interest/availability on the doodle poll.

Even if you cannot make the times stated please add your name to the poll if you wish to be included in followup emails discussing the voting position on these documents. Comments by email would also be welcome, and Charlie McCay has provided some recommendations to help stimulate thought/discussion.

For Approval:

  • ISO/FDIS 18308 - Health informatics - Requirements for an electronic health record architecture (vote due 25/2/11)

Standards for renewal (vote due 15/4/11):

  • ISO 13606-1:2008 Health informatics -- Electronic health record communication -- Part 1: Reference model
  • ISO 21549-5:2008 Health informatics -- Patient healthcard data -- Part 5: Identification data
  • ISO 21549-6:2008 Health informatics -- Patient healthcard data -- Part 6: Administrative data

Charlie McCay can supply copies of the documents to anyone who does not have access to the IST35 sharepoint site where they can be found under the voting tab.

Charlie recommends that we positively on 18308 - It has been edited by Dipak Kalra, and there has been ample opportunity to feed into the document. The contents have been reviewed by the editors of the HL7 EHR-FM and no conflicts identified.

The patient healthcard data specifications it is recommended (by Davie Hay, Christine Ranger and Charlie) that we continue to abstain on the basis that there are no known plans for healthcare use in the UK.

The vote to renew 13606 part 1 is worth discussion on the call or by email - Charlie's straw man proposal is this: there has been a good deal of talk about wanting to harmonise EHR content standards including those endorsed by ISO: 13606, HL7v3 CDA, etc. There are active projects such as CfH LRA work using 13606 in the UK, so Charlie would recommend that we do vote positively, and suggest establishing within ISO a common review date for all parts of 13606, HL7v3 RIM, and CDAr2 three years from now.



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