HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

ITK2 Released

27 July 2011

The Department of Health have released version 2 of its interoperability toolkit (ITK2). A key focus of this release has been to lay the groundwork for clinical document exchange. 

Further details:

“This toolkit - building on existing national standards and developed with local trusts - will help NHS organisations produce key patient information delivered to GPs within 24 hours of discharge. We now have a discharge summary that is approved by the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges and can be provided by any hospital or clinic. [It contains] the information that GPs need to continue care and for patients who need to know which drugs they should take and which procedures they have just had done. This information helps patients, it helps healthcare professionals and it makes care better right now and in the future.” [Charles Gutteridge, national clinical director for informatics at the DH as quoted in EHI article.]

For further details on how to access ITK go to the HL7 UK ITK page...>>


Last modified 04/08/11