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BSI IST35 vote on the ISO/CEN clinical record standard 13606

14 November 2011

The IST35 policy is to support convergence over time of the CEN/ISI 13606 clinical record standard with HL7 standards. Members may be interested in participating in an IST35 conference call on the renewal of Part 2 of the 13606 standard.

Full details are given below. Plans are in hand to generally provide more information to HL7 UK members on IST35 items of potential interest through our web site or on specific occasions, direct emails.

<mail from Charlie McCay for those interested in attending a call, to agree a date>
 13606 pt 2 is up for review (closing 15/1/12). I have setup a Doodle poll for those interested in discussing this - please complete with your availability before tuesday 15th Nov if you would like to join the call. I would also welcome discussion on this list


I suggest that we vote in favour of the standard being maintained.

A few issues that we may want to take into account in this case:

1) Any plans to bring the maintenance of 13606 together so that all parts are reviewed at once 
2) any impact of the 21090 datatypes on this document 
3) terminology binding work that is ongoing 
4) CIMI (Clinical Information Modelling Initiative) led by Stan Huff

More generally maybe we could improve the quality and value of these review opportunities by thinking about: 
1) Steve Kay's EHR Standards roadmap workitem proposal 
2) Systematic collection and publishing of evidence in the UK to support standards review

IST35 members may access the document at the URL indicated below. If you do not otherwise have access to the document, contact Charlie McCay at the email below.


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