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HL7 January 2012 Working Group Meeting

A handful of HL7 UK Members traveled to the Working Group Meeting in America. You can read their feedback below. For more details about the forthcoming WGM...>>

To view details of HL7 UK members with leadership positions in HL7.org please follow this link.

Philip Scott, Chair HL7 UK

My main activities at the WGM were with the International Council, the Affiliate Agreement Task Force, and the HL7 Foundation and associated side meetings. These notes consolidate information on the key themes across the various meetings and discussions.

Europe: WGM, IHIC 2012 and HL7 Foundation

  • International Council voted to support the bid by France to host the May 2013 WGM.
  • This was approved by the HL7 Board.
  • International Council has appointed a steering committee to give high level direction to the local organizing committee and I have agreed to participate.

Affiliate agreement

  • The affiliates present had lengthy discussions on the various points raised in comments, but managed to agree compromise wording that all seemed content with.
  • Affiliate membership categories are now recognized so that they can be defined in relation to the HL7 International IP Policy.
  • The document is now out for parallel consultation with affiliates and the HL7 attorney.

IP issues

  • The Board voted to allow free access to DAMs and functional profiles for a trial 12-month period. This is subject to the attorney producing a click-through license and the TSC deciding what is covered by the definition.
  • HQ has agreed to work with us on a form of words to put on our site to explain/endorse the meaning of the license reminder users face on downloads from HL7.org.

HL7 International Business Plan

  • This was a key topic at both meetings of the International Council and the affiliate chairs had frank and constructive discussions with both the CEO and Chair about taking forward the business plan.

International Council intra-HL7 marketing

  • I gave a brief presentation on the need for active stakeholder engagement within HL7 International by the International Council and it was agreed that I start this with a stakeholder analysis, taking advice from the Marketing Council and the International Mentoring Committee.

Philip Scott
Chair, HL7 UK
27 Jan 2012


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