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HL7 UK AGM & Technical Committee Working Meeting

HL7 UK Technical Committee Working Meeting


Tuesday 8 May 2012: 9.30 - 16.30


NCVO, Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL


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Draft Agenda: All relevant documents and presentations are now available from the Technical Committee section of our documents page


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Session One

Reports to Members (10 minutes each)

  • University Outreach (Andrew Hinchley)
  • Training (Charlie Bishop)
  • V2 Subgroup (Prashant Trivedi & Louise Parberry)
  • HL7 International - business (Philip Scott)
  • HL7 International - technical (Ann Wrightson)
  • IHE-UK liaison (Dave Harvey)


Twelfth Annual General Meeting of HL7 UK Ltd 


Tea & Coffee


Session Two

  • Key note session "Assisted Living Enabled by Interoperability" 
    (Ann Wrightson, TC Chair, & John Eaglesham, ADI-UK) 
    Ann Wrightson and John Eaglesham are members of the dallas ITF (Interoperability Task Force), a panel of experts advising the dallas programme regarding standards in telehealth and interoperability with healthcare generally. The dallas programme is part of ALIP, a UK Government funded innovation programme to enable assisted living.
    - The dallas ITF - what, why & how? (Ann Wrightson - 20 minutes) 
    - I-Focus: supporting standards adoption and implementation within the dallas programme (John Eaglesham - 30 minutes) 
  • The miConsent project, that uses standards including the HL7 CDA Consent Directive to demonstrate how patient consent can be established and enforced across organisation boundaries to support the whole of a patient's journey (Tim Benson - 15 minutes).
  • Member's open mike  (10 minutes).




Session Three

  • Should future CDA standards in the UK use "Consolidated CDA"?  
    (Discussion session introduced by Richard Kavanagh and Robert Worden)
    HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) is now central to the NHS ITK, at the core of the 'Connect All' strategy. Historically , NHS CFH developed UK-specific profiles of CDA for the spine, and these have evolved to become ITK CDAs. Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) combines and rationalises previous widely-used CDAs such as CCD, with a single base of templates. There is now large and increasing momentum behind C-CDA; it is supported by an open source toolset (MDHT), and suppliers and providers are rapidly gaining experience in applying it. CDA solutions to practical interoperability issues will increasingly be built with C-CDA. Migration to CDA R2.1 or R3 will be defined to minimise the pain for C-CDA.


Tea & Coffee


Session Four

  • Closer collaboration between HL7 UK and DHID  
    (Ann Wrightson, Richard Kavanagh)
    - CDA Implementation Forum: a proposal for joint support from HL7 UK & DHID for implementers of DHID CDA specifications (20 minutes).
    - Collaborative authoring - to discuss how the authoring of CDA content and templates could be made more collaborative in the future. Is there an appetite for this? How should it work? (20 minutes)
  • Clinical Document Constructor (David Bowen, Robert Worden)
    The Clinical Document Constructor is a 3-component architecture for creating and sending ITK-compliant CDA documents such as discharge messages. Separation of concerns between integration, document creation & editing, and sending as a CDA document, allows trusts to select best-of-breed solutions for each. (20 minutes)
  • Clinical headings the Clinical Statement Pattern and CDA discussion (Ann Wrightson)
    This topic arose again during discussion of UK responses in the latest ballot cycle. It is just one pinnacle of a pretty big iceberg concerning categorization & headings within documents, the purpose of this discussion item is to see whether we should address this area in a future meeting. (15 minutes)


Meeting Close


There is no charge for this event to HL7 UK Members. 
Non-members can attend one Working Meeting free of charge.


  • Tim Benson, Abies Ltd

  • Charlie Bishop, CSC

  • David Bowen, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust

  • Ed Conley, HIEC SW

  • John Eaglesham, Advanced Digital Institute

  • Kevin Fogarty, ESP IT Consultancy Ltd

  • Isobel Frean, Bupa Group

  • Dave Harvey, IHE-UK

  • Andrew Hinchley, CPL Healthcare

  • Richard Kavanagh, Department of Health Informatics Directorate

  • Keith Naylor, Department of Health Informatics Directorate

  • Louise Parberry, InterSystems

  • Philip Scott, University of Portsmouth

  • Edem Seglah, British Telecom

  • Conrad Siemaszko, South Devon Healthcare Healthcare Trust

  • Rik Smithies, NProgram Ltd

  • Prashant Trivedi, NHS Connecting For Health

  • Martin Whittaker, Touchstone Consultancy

  • Robert Worden, Open Mapping Software Ltd

  • Ann Wrightson, NHS Wales Informatics Service


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