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HL7 UK Response to Open Standards Consultation

05 July 2012

HL7 UK has responded to the Cabinet Office's Open Standards Consultation [view full HL7 UK Response Document].

The Government ICT Strategy, published on 30 March 2011, has already committed the Government to creating a common and secure IT infrastructure based on a suite of compulsory open standards, adopting appropriate open standards wherever possible. However, the Government needs to clarify what it considers to be the key components of an open standard and describe the circumstances in which it will consider mandating particular open standards.

This consultation focused on open standards for software interoperability, data and document formats in government IT requirements and sought evidence to inform:

  • the definition of open standard in the context of government IT;
  • the meaning of mandation and the effects compulsory standards may have on government departments, delivery partners and supply chains;
  • international alignment and cross-border interoperability.

"Our approach will enable the Government to work collectively together but effective open standards for software and systems are required to ensure interoperability between software systems, applications and data... Open Standards are crucial for sharing information across government boundaries and to deliver a common platform and systems that more easily interconnect." (Francis Maude MP- Minister for the Cabinet Office)

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