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HL7 UK TC & DHID CDA Forum Joint Meeting




Tuesday 4th December 2012: 9.30 - 16.30



NCVO, Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL 





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Blogpost on the CDA Forum: Implementation experiences with CDA in the UK 

Presentations from the meeting 


HL7 UK: Extraordinary General Meeting (to appoint a Chair-Elect - see notice to members for further information)




CDA Forum: Implementing Use of Templates

  • Overview of the DHID template library and related resources (Richard Kavanagh & team)
  •  Change management using templates, for implementers (panel discussion)


HL7 UK Technical Committee

  • Living well with multiple standards and SDOs, and managing changes over standards' lifecycles.  A practical view from international work, mainly with Pharmacy content (Hugh Glover)
  • Benefits gained from conveying structured information into CDA.  For the NHS in England using CDA for discharges and out-patient reports is a real benefit over other available options even if content is unstructured - but let's not lose sight of the bigger prize of conveying structures information. (Dipak Kalra, Andrew Hinchley)
  •  Feedback from the Dallas/ITK joint meeting on Telehealth Interoperability (Ann Wrightson, Richard Worden)
  • So what are the requirements that CDA can meet? Reflections from HL7 UK University Outreach, on what to teach healthcare informatics students about CDA and other standards. (Dipak Kalra, Andrew Hinchley)

Demonstrations of solutions and tools for implementing CDA

  •  cityEHR: an open source EHR based on CDA and CEN 13606 (John Chelsom)
  • Practical support for managing a template library: examples, issues and insights (Robert Worden)


  • Charlie Bishop, CSC

  • Andrew Hinchley, CPL Healthcare

  • Richard Kavanagh, Department of Health Informatics Directorate

  • Keith Naylor, Department of Health Informatics Directorate

  • Rik Smithies, NProgram Ltd

  • Mike Snowden, BT

  • Martin Whittaker, Touchstone Consultancy

  • Robert Worden, Open Mapping Software Ltd

  • Ann Wrightson, NHS Wales Informatics Service

  • David Bowen, NHS Great Ormond Street Hospital

  • Steve Carey, Health Information Systems (UK) Ltd

  • Kevin Fogarty, ESP IT Consultancy

  • Isobel Frean, BUPA

  • Dunmail Hodkinson, Black Pear Software

  • Hugh Glover, Blue Wave Informatics LLP

  • Dipak Kalra, UCL Centre for Health Informatics 

  • Ian McNicoll, Ocean Informatics

  • Nigel Miller, NHS Central London Community Healthcare

  • Rene Spronk, Ringholm bv

  • Dan Trueman, Circle

  • Juliet Henham, Webmaster for HL7 UK


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