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HL7 Standards Now Licensed at No Cost

Posted 16 April 2013

 As of 1st April 2013, HL7 will license its currently published standards, implementation guides and other selected HL7 intellectual property at no cost. This landmark decision represents HL7ís commitment to the betterment of healthcare worldwide by ensuring that all stakeholders have equal access to its HIT standards. This policy is consistent with HL7ís vision of making our collaborative and consensus-driven standards the most widely used in healthcare, and with our mission of achieving interoperability in ways that put the needs of our stakeholders first.  Our primary intention is to maximize benefits to you as members of HL7, the healthcare community, and all those who have contributed to make HL7 standards so successful.

We announced this news in September 2012 (view the original press release here) and the details surrounding the policy were announced during the recent HIMSS 2013 conference (view the press release here). 

As a member of HL7, you and your organization play a key role in the important work of HL7 and its ongoing contribution to the quality and effectiveness of healthcare information technology. Your organization supports HL7ís groundbreaking decision to make its standards available at no chargeóand ultimately to impact wellness and healthcare delivery on a global scale. Membership enables your organization to influence the development of standards that are shaping the healthcare of the futureórather than waiting to find out what they are.

Membership gives you exclusive access to resources, tools, and community that make implementation easier and more effective.  In addition to the existing benefits of membership, new benefits and services, many of which are designed to assist with implementation, are currently under development and may include:

  • Expansion of deeply discounted or free education programs and training;
  • Access to HL7 experts;
  • Certification of HL7 conformance; 
  • A professionally supported Help Desk;
  • Enhanced testing of individual expertise in HL7 development, training, and implementation;
  • Early access to new standards and implementation guides;
  • Access to, or heavily discounted, standards development and implementation tools and other specified intellectual property such as HL7 logos, DSTUs, and selected training materials.

Your membership in HL7 enables organizations such as yours to influence the development of standards that will shape the healthcare of the future, as well as provide access to resources, tools, and community that make implementation easier and more effective.  We recognize that our members are the backbone of HL7 and what has made this organization a global leader in standards development.

You are also encouraged to provide feedback to HL7 leadership via a very brief 3 question survey that is linked below. 


We look forward to continuing our partnership with you, and we thank you for your continued support.  A list of frequently asked questions regarding the licensing of HL7 IP at no cost is available athttp://www.hl7.org/about/faqs/freeip.cfm.


Charles Jaffe, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Read the full HL7 press release. 

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