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HL7 UK AGM & Technical Committee Working Meeting

HL7 UK Technical Committee Working Meeting


Tuesday 18 June 2013


NCVO, Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL

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Session One

New Landscape, New Opportunities (led by Philip Scott, HL7UK Chair)

  • Some of the most far-reaching changes in the NHS for many years, together with significant changes in HL7 International, have happened since our last AGM. This has been an especially busy year for HL7 UK Management Board, and this session will present the fruits of that work as plans and opportunities for 2013-14 and beyond.


Annual General Meeting of HL7 UK Ltd 


Session Two

  • Keynote session: Standards Appraisal in the new landscape in England

    (Kathy Farndon (Head of Information Standards, NHS England) and Nicholas Oughtibridge(Head of Information Standards Quality, Appraisal and Assurance, HSCIC)

    This session is an opportunity for members to engage with key players in NHS England and HSCIC concerning the new health information standards landscape in England and beyond.



Session Three

  • Panel Discussion

  • Kathy Farndon (Head of Information Standards, NHS England)

    Nicholas Oughtibridge (Head of Information Standards Quality Appraisal and Assurance, HSCIC)

    Philip Scott (Co-chair of the HL7 International Council)


Session Four

    This session reser ved for a meeting of the HL7 UK Management Board.


  • Tim Benson, Abies Limited

  • David Bowen, GOSH NHS

  • Charlie Bishop, CSC

  • Kathy Farndon, Head of Standards, NHS England

  • Dave Harvey, Medical Connections

  • Andrew Hinchley, CPL Healthcare

  • Richard Kavanagh, HSCIC

  • Keith Naylor, HSCIC

  • Nicholas Oughtibridge, HSCIC

  • Louise Parberry, InterSystems

  • Philip Scott, University of Portsmouth

  • Rik Smithies, NProgram Ltd

  • Mike Snowden, BT

  • Rene Spronk, Ringholm bv

  • Ian Townend, Information Standards, NHS England

  • Prashant Trivedi, HSCIC

  • Martin Whittaker, Touchstone Consultancy

  • Robert Worden, Open Mapping Software Ltd

  • Ann Wrightson, NHS Wales Informatics Service


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