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The use of CDA in the UK context

Tuesday 6th December 2005

As the National Programme continues to develop there is an increase in awareness of the need for local record systems to run in support of national spine systems and it seems there may be an argument for looking more closely at CDA system in a UK context. As a result HL7-UK is hosting an exploratory meeting for anyone interested in CDA.  

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The overall objective of the meeting will be:

  1. To form a working group of interested members willing to work on preparing the ground for CDA use in the UK. The group to operate under the auspices of HL7 UK TC.
  2. Decide on the areas of work and the operation of the group.

Draft topics for discussion:

  • Specifications, templates and constraint
  • CfH consistency and convergence
  • Transport and security
  • Other



The Comfort Inn - Kensington
22/32 W.Cromwell Road
London, Tel: 373 3300
Nearest Tube: Earls Court

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