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AMS Consulting

Melvin Reynolds


Roman Radomski

Maeston Consulting Ltd

Tony Alexander

NProgram Ltd

Rik Smithies

Open Mapping Software Ltd

Robert Worden


Gareth Butt

Ramsey Systems Ltd

Charlie McCay

Ringholm bv

Rene Spronk

Consultants List for Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards - Interoperability in the NHS England Technology Fund

The NHS England Technology Fund is offering £260 million to facilitate the widespread adoption of modern, safe standards of electronic record-keeping in trusts. This will involve deploying standards-based interoperability, in line with the ‘connect all’ information strategy. HL7 standards have a key role to play in this deployment. HL7 UK wishes to ensure that all trusts wanting to know how standards can be built into their plans and proposals, will know where to find the best and most experienced advice.

For this purpose, we publish here a list of HL7 UK members, with in-depth experience of healthcare standards definition and deployment, who are willing to offer consultancy advice and implementation support, where interoperability plans involve HL7 or ITK standards. HL7 UK itself does not expect to be contractually involved in any engagements arising through trusts viewing this page.

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Open Mapping Software

Robert Worden

NProgram Ltd

Rik Smithies

Ramsey Systems Ltd

Charlie McCay

Blithe Computer Systems Limited




HL7 UK’s intention is to support members who wish to offer disinterested advice and implementation support in the spirit of a “customer’s friend”, rather than pushing a product.

Listings are subject to approval by the HL7 UK Marketing Committee. HL7 UK decisions are final and HL7 UK accepts no liability arising from the use of this page or subsequent activities by consultants or their clients.

HL7 UK Whitepaper for NHS Technology Fund

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