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This page provides a list of important documents published by HL7 UK, including standards (V2 and V3) and guidance booklets.

Standard for the Use of HL7 Version 2 in the UK (HL72UK)

HL7 UK V2 A3
This standard specifies a UK profile for HL7 version 2 to which UK implementations of the standard shall conform. The normative content of the document is supported by Implementation Guidance and Examples that provide practical help in implementing the standard.

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HL7 Version 3 Primer Normative Edition version

HL7 UK first published "The Primer" in 2003, giving a complete introduction to HL7 V3. Since then, it has sold some 5000 copies throughout the world and has been translated into French and Japanese. The new 4th Edition has been completely revised and aligned with the Normative Edition of HL7 V3. It has been expanded from 85 to 120 pages and is essential reading - not only for newcomers to HL7, but also for purchasers of previous versions wanting to bring their knowledge up to date.


Understanding Version 3 - A Primer on the HL7 Version 3 Interoperability Standard - Normative Edition
4th edition (completely revised), Andrew Hinchley 2007, ISBN 3-933819-21-0, 120 pages, price £23 (volume discounts available).

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    HL7 UK Ezine Publication

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    Principles of Health Interoperability HL7 and SNOMED (2nd Edition - April 2012) 



    This book provides a clear introduction to health interoperability, HL7 and SNOMED CT, explaining the core principles in a clear way. The first section lays out a framework for why interoperability is important and what is needed to accomplish that interoperability. The second section covers HL7 V2, V3 and CDA and the third section covers clinical terminology and SNOMED CT.

    Author: Tim Benson

    Paperback 318 pages, 65 illustrations 7 in color 
    ISBN: 978-1-44712-800-7

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    HL7 Messaging

    This book provides a comprehensive guide to the HL7 version 2.x standard. The reader does not need to have any experience with HL7.

    The book will provide the reader with a detailed explanation of the version 2.x messaging. It makes extensive use of examples. It is especially useful for those who are planning to implement, support, and/or need a good understanding of the standard. The intended audience is engineers, system administrators, interface engineers, IT personnel, and anyone who wants to get a thorough overview of this messaging protocol.

    The author is Mike Henderson, who is a true HL7 veteran. He has had a long involvement with the standardization effort as member and/or chair of HL7 working groups, and has a broad experience in the healthcare industry actually implementing this standard. In addition, he has taught this subject for several years in locations as far as Brazil and India.

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