HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

HL7/OMG Healthcare Services Specification Project

Workshop held on: 31 January 2006
Location: Union Jack Club, London

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Tuesday 31 January 2006

Session 1

Hugh Glover HL7-UK TC Chair / Andrew Watson, OMG Technical Chair
Welcome; Introduction of speakers; workshop objectives; context-setting

Session 2

Overview of HSSP Project
Ken Rubin
This session will present a walkthrough of the joint HL7-OMG Services Specification Project. It will discuss overall project objectives, progress to date, current working activities, etc. 
This session will also present the business case for participating and discuss the rationale behind the HL7-OMG collaboration. Also presented will be the highlights of the 2006 Project Plan.

Session 3

What kind of standards are emerging from the HSSP?
Ann Wrightson
This session will present an overview of the technical specifications developed to date by the HSSP, and where they are likely to be useful in the UK healthcare context.

Session 4

HSSP Engagement: Walking A Standard through the HL7 + OMG Processes
Ken Rubin and Juha Mykkänen
This session explains the HSSP process across HL7 and OMG by taking a specific example and walking through the development and adoption process across the HL7 and OMG communities, highlighting the roles of each and the value/benefits resulting from the collaboration.



Session 5

HSSP and Healthcare Case Studies
Charlie McCay, HL7 UK Chair or Other
Various representatives of healthcare organizations will discuss their projects, the use of service architecture, and the interest in healthcare service standards.
The session will be followed by a brief panel question-and-answer session.
Juha Mykkänen, HL7 Finland, SerAPI project
Alan Honey, Kaiser-Permanente [tentative]
Kim Clohessy/Skip McGaughey, Eclipse OHF

Session 6

OMG: what it is and what it does
Andrew Watson
This session will present an overview of the Object Management Group, its structure, organizational makeup, etc. It will include a brief discussion of the membership model and the intellectual property models, and discuss the business rationale and environment where fierce competitors collaborate en route to standards.
The OMG Technology Adoption Process is a proven, repeatable approach that brings standards to market in an average of 18 months. This session will give an overview of this process, explaining the roles of the OMG Committees, Submitters, and the governing bodies.

Session 7

HSSP Open Forum Panel
Ken Rubin, EDS
This session is an opportunity for key stakeholders in HL7 UK to raise questions and issues regarding the HSSP, and for the panel to discuss the appropriateness of the HSSP for the UK/European healthcare communities, and how we could engage more actively.

The session will conclude with a discussion of the next steps.

Ken Lunn, National Health Service
Alan Honey, Kaiser-Permanente [Tentative], HSSP Co-Chair
Andrew Watson, OMG Technical Chair
Hugh Glover, HL7 UK Technical Committee Chair
TBC, UK Supplier

Session 8

Hugh Glover HL7 UK Technical Committee Chair/Andrew Watson, OMG Technical Chair

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