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Please complete and submit the online subscription form below and the Secretariat will process your application. You will then be invoiced. When we receive a valid PO or payment, you will be issued with login details for the website.  All invoices are issued by email and include a button that will allow you to pay by credit/debit card online.

Your membership lasts for 12 months from the date of acceptance by HL7 UK Ltd.

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1 Benefactor and Organization memberships entitle the organization named above to send as many people as desired to HL7 UK meetings, who may cast up to three votes on behalf of the organization. Personal membership entitles only the person named above to attend HL7 UK meetings and to cast one vote. Student membership entitles named person to attend HL7 UK meetings but does not have any voting rights.

Personal and Student membership only entitles the member to use HL7 standards and products, and not share them with other people even if they belong to the same organization. Benefactor and Organization memberships allow standards and products to be used by all employees of the organisation, but not by those of parent companies or subsidiaries.

2 Organization membership is 790 + VAT = 948 per organization per year. Personal membership is 158 + VAT = 189.60 per year. Benefactor membership is twice the Organisation price, ie 1580 + VAT = 1896 per year. Student membership must be made by credit card only and is 25 + VAT = 30.
(Please make cheques payable to HL7 UK Ltd. Or pay online by debit/credit card)

All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice by HL7 UK.

Last modified 10/09/13