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FHIR® Overview training course

Number of Days: 2 day, 9:30 to 17:00 (9:00 to 16:30 on day 2). Your instructor is available during lunch and at the end of the day for informal discussions about your specific area of interest or applications.

Summary of course content: This training course offers a hands-on overview of the content of the HL7 FHIR standard.

Who Should Attend: This training course is aimed at those involved with the design, development, implementation, deployment and support of systems that use (or will use) the HL7 FHIR standard.



8-9 October 2019


NCVO - London N1 or other suitable location nearby


9:30 to 17:00 (9:00 to 16:30 on day 2)


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Early Bird Booking Fees - apply upto one month before course

  • Standard £1030+VAT
  • HL7 UK member OR NHS Trust Employee £920+VAT
  • HL7 UK Member & NHS Trust employee £820+VAT

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Standard Delegate Fees:

  • Standard £1280+VAT
  • HL7 UK member OR NHS Trust Employee £1150+VAT
  • HL7 UK Member & NHS Trust employee £1030+VAT

Goals of the training course: 

Upon completion of this training course, attendees will be able to: 

  • Explain the key principles underlying the FHIR methodology.
  • Explain the relationship between FHIR and related standards (e.g. HL7 CDA/HL7 v2/IHE XDS).
  • Describe the characteristics and contents of the core FHIR information models.
  • Understand how to fully use the documentation, and how to reach out to other experts and implementers.
  • Explain how FHIR may be used in different interoperability paradigms (REST, messaging, e-documents, services).
  • Build upon hands-on experience with FHIR gained during the training course.
  • Help their organization to determine if, when, where and how they might implement FHIR.


The attendees are assumed to be familiar with:

  • XML, Json and web-infrastructure protocols,
  • Although not a requirement, knowledge of HL7 version 2 and/or HL7 version 3 will be helpful in understanding the material,
  • General principles of data modelling,
  • General software development principles like object orientation, databases, layered software design.

Requirements for the day:

Agenda day 1:

  • Introduction
    Overview of FHIR
    Resources, extensions
    The RESTful design philosophy
  • Exercise: Requesting a patient resource
  • Deconstructing FHIR data
    Datatypes and primitives
  • Use-case driven example: Person demographics, with extensions
  • Contents of the FHIR distribution
  • More on REST, HTTP verbs, wire formats (XML/JSON)
  • Exercise: Updating a patient resource
  • Introduction to profiling
  • Resource Bundles, searching
  • The FHIR Operations Framework
    Parameter resource
    Updating metadata: Tags, Security Tags and implicitRules
  • Exercise: Updating metadata on resources
  • Agenda day 2:

  • Resource references
    Contained Resources
    References in bundles
  • Exercise: Add a contained resource
  • Transactions
  • Terminology Resources
  • Paradigms revisited: Document, Messages, REST
    Subscription mechanism, End Points
  • Use-case driven example: clinical document
  • Security and FHIR
  • Use-case driven example: Questionnaires
  • Exercise: Validation
  • Summary and recommendations
    V2 Messages, V3 CDA, IHE, XDS and FHIR

Course Materials: Each participant will be provided with handouts containing all materials covered in the training as well as other support materials. The participants will also receive a copy of the latest version of the FHIR specification.

Faculty: Rik Smithies, Mirjam Baltus, Rene Spronk (and/or other tutors).

    Early Bird Booking Fees

    • Standard £1030+VAT
    • HL7 UK member OR NHS Trust Employee £920+VAT
    • HL7 UK Member & NHS Trust employee £820+VAT

    Fees cover course materials, lunch and refreshments. All fees subject to 20% VAT. 

    Terms and Conditions: Please read the Terms and Conditions.

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